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6 Ways to Prevent Heat Stress at Work

6/14/2017 (Permalink)

You can treat heat stress, but preventing it is even better. Here are the steps you need to know to do both.

Yesterday’s Advisor began a discussion of heat-related problems workers may face as June stretches into July, August, and September, traditionally the hottest months of the year.

Heat problems kill some 4,000 Americans yearly, including the very young and old, those with diseases such as diabetes that disrupt the body’s temperature control mechanism, and those working in the heat. That last group puts the issue in your hands.

Heat problems themselves come in three varieties: heat cramps, heat exhaustion (also called heat prostration or collapse,) and the real killer, heatstroke. Collectively, these conditions are known as heat stress. Remedies for each condition were explained by James D. MacDonald on the website,

For heat cramps, MacDonald writes, “Get out of the hot environment, stop using your large muscles, drink water, and replace electrolytes.”

For heat exhaustion, he advises, “Get out of the heat and take off any excessive clothing, particularly around the head and neck. Drink a liter of water (slowly, so nausea doesn’t develop), lie down with your feet up, and use a fan for cooling.” The problem should go away in 30 minutes. If not, medical attention may be needed.

Heatstroke is a medical emergency. “Your first and biggest objective is to lower the [body’s] core temperature by any means available,” MacDonald explains. Those include cold packs on the neck, armpits, and groin, coverage with wet sheets or towels, and placement in a highly air-conditioned room. Medical help should be summoned immediately. “Even if you save the brain, you may not have saved the kidneys,” he adds.

It’s understandable if all of this has you looking for ways to prevent these conditions rather than having to treat them. Fortunately, our subscription website,, recently answered this need with these 6 ways to prevent heat illness:

  1. Pre-hydrate. Before activity starts, have workers drink up to 16 ounces of fluid. Then drink 8 ounces every 20 minutes during the activity.
  2. Drink flavored water. Plain water quenches thirst too quickly, so workers tend to not drink enough of it.
  3. Acclimate to the heat slowly, over 5 to 7 days of exposure. For new workers, institute a 20 percent increase of time in the heat for each day. Workers already used to these conditions can increase exposure slightly faster, but 4 days out of the heat means re-acclimation will be needed.
  4. Don’t wear a hat. It restricts heat loss through the head. Workers operating in direct sunlight can wear a visor.
  5. Wear loose, thin synthetic fabrics. They help the skin stay cool through evaporation. Avoid cotton as it soaks up sweat, forestalling evaporation.
  6. Wear your PPE no matter what the temperature. It can’t protect you if it’s not on you. If it’s uncomfortable, take frequent breaks.

Eliminate Heating Hazards This Winter

1/26/2016 (Permalink)

Did you know 50% of all residential heating-related fires are reported during the months of December, January, and February? 

Sure, its important to keep your home warm during the winter.  But SERVPRO of Alamo Ranch urges San Antonio to use these helful hints to also stay safe.

--  Keep anything flammable at least three feet away from heating equipment, like the furnace, fireplace, wood stove, or a portable space heater.  Have a three-foot 'kid free zone' around open fires and space heaters.

--  Remember to turn portable heaters off when leaving the room or going to bed.

--  Always use the right kind of fuel, specified by the manufacturers, for fuel burning space heaters.

--  Make sure the fireplace has a sturdy screen to stop sparks from flying into the room.  Ashes should be cool before putting them in a metal container.  Keep the container a safe distance away from your home.

--  Have heating equipment and chimneys cleaned and inspected every year by a qualified professional.

--  Have a qualified professional install stationary space heating equipment, water heaters, or central heating equipment according to the local codes and manufacturer's instructions.

-- Test smoke alarms monthly.

If your property does suffer fire damage, contact SERVPRO of Alamo Ranch to help make it 'Like It Never Happened'.  


Praise for SERVPRO

1/22/2016 (Permalink)

"The SERVPRO team gave me my life back!  From start to finish they handled my situation with kindness, care and outstanding professionalism."  

-- Joanne, FL

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to personally let you know how pleased we were for the extraordinary service we got from SERVPRO!  Much of our 60,000sq.ft. building was flooded due to  an activation of a sprinkler system.  The SERVPRO team was extremely responsive and professional in all respects.  I personally witnessed their excellent leadership and communication skills, and my staff consistenly praised their performance."

-- Doug, VA

SERVPRO of Alamo Ranch is the Cleanup Team faster to any disaster in 2016

1/6/2016 (Permalink)

The New Year brings the opportunity for new beginnings.  Start 2016 off right by being READY!  The professionals at SERVPRO of Alamo Ranch want to help ensure you enjoy a safe and happy new year by helping you be prepared for anything the year may hold.

Did you know up to 50 percent of businesses that suffer a disaster might never reopen?  Of the businesses that do survive a disaster, the overwhelming majority had an emergency preparedness plan in place. The professionals at SERVPRO of Alamo Ranch can help you build an emergency preparedness plan for your property at NO COST.  You read that right?  We can prepare a Red Cross approved emergency readiness plan, meeting your property's specific needs, ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Make your resolution one that helps protect you and your business.  Call the professionals at SERVPRO of Alamo Ranch to learn more about how they can help you be 'Ready for Whatever Happens' in the New Year!


9/24/2015 (Permalink)

EVERY SECOND COUNTS DURING A FIRE.  In a matter of moments, a small flame can turn into a major fire, making it critical to be prepared by having an escape plan in place.  A survey conducted by the American Red Cross shows only 26 percent of families have developed and practiced a home fire escape plan.  Once a plan is developed, it is critical everyone in the home understands the plan; the best way to do this is by practicing the escape plan at least twice a year.  The following are a few suggestions to help you develop an emergency escape plan for your family.

Draw a Map of each level of your home and show all doors and windows.  Find two ways to get out of each room.  Make sure all doors and windows that lead outside open easily.

Consider escape ladders for sleeping areas on the second and third floor.  Only purchase collapsible escape ladders evaluated by a recognized testing laboratory.  Store them near the window where they will be used.

Choose an outside meeting place a safe distance in front of your home where everyone can meet after they've escaped.  Make sure to mark the location of the meeting place on your escape plan.

Teach childrenhow to escape on their own in case you cannot help them.

Plan for everyone in your home with special consideration for elderly or disabled individuals.

Practice your fire escape plan at night and during the daytime. 

SERVPRO of Alamo Ranch

Meet the crew of SERVPRO Alamo Ranch 8/11/15

8/11/2015 (Permalink)

General Meet the crew of SERVPRO Alamo Ranch 8/11/15 The door to the buzzing hub of quality fire and water emergency needs.

No one knows when a fire or water emergency will happen in the San Antonio area.  But one thing's for certain: SERVPRO of Alamo Ranch is ready to serve 24/7/365.  The staff and crew of one of the nation's leading SERVPRO franchises brings quality production and outstanding customer service that sets it apart from other restoration companies in the city.  These are the folks ready to meet your restoration and mitigation needs.


SERVPRO of Alamo Ranch was founded by two brothers, Thomas and Michael Galligan.  Mike and Tommy were born in Detroit, Michigan, and spent a majority of their lives in Mississippi.  Mike and Tommy have extensive experience as business owners and entrepreneurs before they decided to  travel to Texas to open the doors of SERVPRO of Alamo Ranch.


Mike and Tommy have put together a hard working and knowledgeable crew to assist in all your water and restoration needs.  JERIC, RICKY, MAGELLAN, AND COLE are hard working folks who arrive prepared to do the work in the quickest and most professional manner.


Leading the front office staff is SHARI GALLIGAN, who helps coordinate with insurance companies for payments.  KIM WARD helps analyze and arrange the data collected by the crewmembers on each of the jobs.


SERVPRO enlists two quality emergency consultants who reach out to insurance agents and local businesses.  BOWIE V. IBARRA and BARBARA GALLIGAN provide the Alamo Ranch community and surrounding areas with keen insight and available information on all fire and water mitigation needs.

If you have a water or fire emergency, pipe bust, toilet overflow, mold, or even a general cleaning need, SERVPRO of Alamo Ranch is here to help.