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How to Properly Handle Mold Damage

6/6/2018 (Permalink)

Personal Protective Equipment is required for Mold remediation

How to Handle Mold Damage Prior to the Professionals Arriving

It takes less than 48 hours for mold damage to overtake a home. Whether it’s commercial mold damage or private, remediation is necessary right away. There’s little to no time to waste when mold, fungus, or mildew is discovered in a home or business. Mold removal service professionals recommend calling for remediation right away to discuss private or commercial mold damage and the remediation process before it has more time to grow. It’s imperative home owners call for mold removal help as soon as they recognize a smelly odor or see fungus or mildew in their home or office.

Why Not Wait?

A smelly odor or the presence of mildew might not worry most people. It’s common, particularly in locations where the weather is hot and the air humid, but there’s no time to waste. Mildew is an introduction to mold, and mold removal is best handled by way of prevention. A smelly odor is one many homeowners might attempt to mask with various forms of deodorization, but this doesn’t eliminate the problem. Wiping up mildew or disguising a smelly odor with deodorization is only going to mask it for the time being. It’s not going to solve the problem. Only remediation can do that in private and/or commercial mold damage situations.

Mold damage is common. Mold in the home, mold in the office, and mold anywhere else is common when the climate and circumstances are right. Mold in the home is most common in rooms where ventilation is not good, where humidity levels are high, and where any bit of moisture is able to rest. Mold in the home is not limited to basements and bathrooms, but many homeowners feel they have no need to worry about mold in the home anywhere else.

Why not wait to call for mold removal? In 48 hours, mold can grow from a small patch of what appears to be a little fungus or mildew and begin damaging the home. Mold in the home is dangerous enough when it’s minor, but allowing it to become a larger problem is damaging to the home. This is why calling for mitigation right away is the best solution.

How to Handle Mold at Home

The best way to handle mold at home while waiting for mold removal services to come out and handle mitigation is to stay away from it. There’s no reason to believe it might hurt a homeowner or business owner, but it’s always wise for people not to spend too much time present with mold. Mitigation will help, but it’s safest to steer clear of this issue while waiting on help to arrive.

The next best thing to do while waiting on mitigation is to turn of the HVAC and all fans. It might seem counterproductive to many, but it actually helps to stop the spread of more mold throughout the building. One of the worst things anyone can do when mold is present in the home is aim any air at it to dry it up. It only sends the mold spores growing in the mold to more locations helping it grow even faster.

Deodorization is not safe, and no one should attempt to dry, clean, or remove mold on their own. It's not safe to be near mold when it's not been determined if it's toxic. It's also not safe as this can cause further spread of mold. It's best handled by the pros.

It's not safe to use any sort of deodorization on mold when it's present, but it is safe to handle mold damage by calling the pros. Whether it's commercial mold damage or fungus in a private home, knowing how to handle the situation is safe and helpful.
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