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5 Times You Should Call Professionals After Suffering Storm Damage

9/26/2018 (Permalink)

5 Times You Should Call Professionals After Suffering Storm Damage

Hurricane Irene, Hurricane Andrew, Hurricane Katrina, and Hurricane Harvey taught homeowners that storm and wind damage can significantly damage a home, make it structurally unsound and affect those living in the home. Even if you live far away from the path of a hurricane, your home can still suffer from some storm damage that will require you get help from professionals experienced in storm remediation. Storms that bring rain, hail, snow and ice may leave you wondering if you need help. There are a few key times when you'll want to call a home restoration company for assistance.

Ice Damming

Always call for help anytime that you notice any ice damming on your home. An ice dam is a tunnel of ice that forms on the roof, along the gutters or on the sides of your home. This happens when ice builds up, melts and then freezes again. An ice dam can cause quite a bit of ice damage that leads to the gutters coming off your home and holes forming in your roof.

Roof Leak

Never assume that you can put off repairing a roof leak until the spring or summer. This type of roof damage can keep building up until you notice water dripping from your ceiling. Not only can this water cause damage similar to hurricane damage, but it can destroy hardwood floors and lead to mold or mildew forming on your carpet. A roof leak can be much larger and worse than what you see too.


Don't hesitate to call a storm restoration or water restoration company after seeing the effects of river flooding or another type of flooding in your home. When a nearby river floods because of excess water, that ground water can come right through your foundation. A flood pump will remove all the ground water spotted in your home. Water restoration professionals will combine that flood pump with drying methods to help your home dry quickly and without leaving your home exposed to mold or mildew that will require professionals experienced in storm remediation.

Frozen Pipes

Though you may think that storm restoration and home restoration professionals can only help with roof repair or after you have some wind damage, they can also help with frozen pipes. This type of ice damage often occurs because the temperature of the ground water drops so low that the water moving through your pipes is almost frozen. The temperature of your home can also leave you dealing with frozen pipes and ice damage as well as flood water or ground water building up on your floors.

Hail Damage

Hail damage is just as dangerous to your home as river flooding and can happen in combination with hurricane damage. The large balls that cause this hail damage can cause roof damage that requires a professional roof repair and let flood water back up in your home. Any cracks or holes that are a part of this roof damage allow water to seep through, which can lead to flooding. Even if you have storm damage or wind damage unrelated to river flooding, you can still call water restoration and storm home restoration professionals for help with storm remediation.

Some of the top reasons why homeowners call storm restoration companies for help is because of storm damage, wind damage, roof damage, hail damage and hurricane damage. Winter can bring problems with ice damming, and an ice dam can cause flood water to come through your roof, form a roof leak and require a roof repair. The hurricane damage that you experience can include river flooding that you can only remove with a flood pump. Home restoration experts use a flood pump when dealing with frozen pipes and flood water that comes in because of ice damming on your home. Whether you need a roof repair because of ice damage, have frozen pipes and an ice dam or experience some flooding, water restoration and storm restoration experts can provide storm remediation. Visit http://www.SERVPROalamoranch.com for more information on storm damage.

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